I consider research student mentoring as a process, through which the student is not only supported on developing the content, flow and methodological rigour of the project but also challenged to develop an independent voice in the scientific universe (of course, related to the chosen area). It should therefore be a win-win relationship, in which I as the advisor can also learn something new and potentially we can develop and nurture an ongoing research partnership. 

It is therefore important that any interested research mentee/advisee carefully consults the areas of supervision I am able and willing to work with you. Those are: 

  • Health Communication
  • Community-based health interventions
  • Social Marketing
  • Health and (Social) Media
  • Health and the Humanities/Arts


Please read this important disclaimer:

Do not assume that any ancillary past paper or work of mine in fields other than those above qualifies me to work with you on a substantial project such as a doctoral or masters thesis. As such, please do not contact me to supervise you on those topics. 

If your research project does fit with the above areas, I am happy to discuss your project with you and consult you about the best way forward. It is important for you to note that my initial interest does not automatically constitute acceptance to the program. Please do follow the required process carefully for any official application.